This is our TEXT –  offer. For the PRICE –  offer please contact us.

OUR SERVICE   You will receive a pdf-protocol with your chosen number of photos and the photos individually as jpg-files sent by e-mail. The copyright will automatically go to you. You can freely use the photos.

PRICE for 1 photo per sample: sFr ……….. 1 photo per sample is recommended for your soul star or if you want to know if your drinking water is capable of producing a crystal.

PRICE for 4 photos per sample: sFr ………. We recommend 4 photos per sample, if you want to get a closer look at the subject.

NOTE   We do not interpret the water crystal photos. Everybody is allowed to intuitively perceive the crystals according to their own feelings and sensations.

PAYMENT  You will receive an order confirmation from us with our bank details. After your transfer we will start our work.

PROCEDURE   We always freeze 22 drops of each water sample and photograph them digitally under the microscope after the freezing and crystallization process. Then, if necessary, the illumination will be optimized and the colors created by light reflections can be  intensified. Very rarely crystals are formed on top of all 22 drops, so we make a selection with priority on hexagonal shapes and their radiance. However, we can not guarantee that beautiful crystals will show up. This is beyond our control.



PROCEDURE for sending your samples to us:

WATER SAMPLES   Send us a bottle of water (30 ml are enough) filled with drinking water, spring water, river water or other water of your choice. Wrap the bottle in aluminium foil. If there are several samples, put a simple identity tag on the plastic lid of the bottle (A, B, ect.) but do not fix any tag or marking on the bottle.

ENERGETIC SIGNATURES   Take  a bottle (30 ml are enough). Fill it with distilled water (from the supermarket normally used for the iron) and keep it under the influence of your chosen form of energy for 24 hours. These can be minerals, plants, animals, humans, food, developed products and much more. It’s also possible to put the bottle on top of a photo for the same amount of time.  Then wrap the bottle in aluminium foil and  send it to us. It is important that you do not fix any tag or marking on the bottle. If there are several samples, put a simple identity tag on the plastic lid of the bottle (A, B, ect.).

SOULSTARS   These are energetic signatures. We ​​need your signature, legibly written on a piece of paper, or a picture of you. Send us the signature, if this is not possible a photo as a jpg file via e-mail.We wrap your signature or the picture for a certain time around a bottle of distilled water. The water then takes over your personal vibrations.


Here are a few examples of our protocols that we give to our customers. In addition to the protocols, the customer also receives all photos as a jpg file, 15 x 15 cm, 300 dpi. The customer automatically receives the copyright © with the payment.